Chalk sold by the scoop | Gym Starter Kit

The most profitable way to sell chalk ever devised..

Get free shipping and profit $1.40 for every scoop sold with our Chalk By the Scoop system. 

The starter kit is perfect for getting your gym up and running with our new, scoopable chalk service.

✓  Fill Climber's Chalk Bags
✓  ReFill Chalk Bags
✓  Fill Chalk Balls 

1 Scoop = 1 Ounce (oz)

The following items are all included with your order:

  • 176 oz | 5kg of our finest premium powdered chalk
  • Tembo's custom desktop dispensing container so your staff have easy access to the chalk
  • 1oz Measuring Scoop for easy dispensing
  • 30 refillable draw string chalk socks & Funnel to sell along with your chalk
    ( Perfect for 'no loose chalk' gyms )
  • Quick glance info poster so your climbers can see what its all about!
  • POS stand and sale post cards
  • A smattering of wonderful Tembo stickers and buttons!
The Benefits:  
  1. Your customers will love the convenience and savings of buying premium chalk by the oz.  ( 2 oz fill most gym bags! )
  2. Increase profitability by making $1.40 PROFIT for every Oz sold and save with free shipping costs normally charged by your current supplier.
  3. Help the planet by reducing the impact of plastic bag waste and help us sponsor baby elephants who have been orphaned by poaching.

The Profits:

Your price: $.60 / oz
MSRP: $2 / oz
Profits: $1.40/oz

Refillable Chalk Socks:
Your price: $1.50 / Sock 
MSRP: $3
Profits: $1.50/Sock

Profits: No Plastic bags

You will also receive our 'in gym promotional kit':

  1. Display posters
  2. Stickers and buttons
  3. Chalk Sock Jar Display

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