Elephants we've adopted

Are you a Tembo customer?  If so, congratulations and thank you!  You have helped an elephant or rhino in danger.

We believe that all businesses are in a unique position to influence and to collect funds for worthy causes.  Why wouldn’t every business be involved in a worthy cause?  We see it as a responsibility.

Tembo donates 1% of proceeds to The David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage in Kenya. This charity has 2 main purposes; to stop the poaching of elephants & rhinos and to raise the orphaned children of the victims. They’ve roamed the earth for millennia, yet their very existence now hangs in the balance as mankind’s footprint continues to expand.  This happens everyday, from the elephants orphaned due to human actions to the thousands of animals the SWT/KWS Mobile Veterinary Units treat for spear, snare and arrow wounds.


With wild spaces shrinking by the minute, long-term solutions are needed to ensure wildlife and mankind can coexist, while immediate interventions are essential to save lives today.


Our founder, Matt Fudge visiting the DSWT in 2015,  before the birth of Tembo


Our first elephant, Sattao:


 (Find more pics and info here:  https://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/orphans/sattao)





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